Time, Interest & Impact

Content Marketing for #ShortAttentionSpans

People online decide to stay or go in moments. Everything depends on those critical first few seconds. You may not get a second chance.

Learn the critical elements that make your website and social media stand out. Balance the urgency of time with eye-catching page elements to interest visitors and show your impact.

The workshop is two hours of instruction, problem-solving and thinking. And it's free from now till January 2018.

Interested? Call Will Schermerhorn at (703) 338-1776 or email

Attend: Join the workshop on April 5, 2018, at the Center for Nonprofit Advancement. Register on the Center's website.

Other workshops are scheduled for December. Get in touch to see if you can join one for free.

A man stands and points standing at a table full of seated people.
"Yesterday's workshop was outstanding!! Thanks for sharing so many helpful tips and marketing ideas!! Your workshop will be so valuable for nonprofit organizations!"--Rikki Epstein, Executive Director of The Arc of Northern Virginia.

Workshop Topics

Close up of a clock.

Time is Short

Visitors to your website and social media may give you just a glance before deciding to stay or go.

People in a stadium cheering as fireworks go off overhead.

Your Target Audience

A little curious, a little skittish. Your target audience are your best prospects to grow your organization.

A woman in a market reaches to select a tomato.

Grab Interest

Eye-catching content is the only way to capture the attention of your target audience before they flee.

A man at a microphone in a meeting speaks as others look at him respectfully.

Show Your Impact

What makes you stand out among 1.5 million nonprofits? It's the difference you make as an organization.

People in a meeting room watch as a young man shows off a poster.

Tell Your Stories Well

There are three kinds of stories.
There’s only one kind that gets people on your side.

Underwater photo of two young women swimming.

Photos that Tell Your Story

Powerful pictures set the tone for your online pages. Weak photos do, too. Learn the difference.

Close-up of a graphical report at a skewed angle.

Averages Hide the Truth

Tucked inside your analytics are hidden stories of your audiences. Learn to see what's really going on.

Close up up fingers on a keyboard with glowing letters.

Write to be Understood

Don't make your readers work. Readability is key to keeping attention once you've grabbed it.

Blue static electricity zaps from right to left.

Power Up Your Copy

Get to the point. Tell the world what you're doing with action words that bristle with energy.

About the photos: The Audience, Impact, and Photos thumbnails are photos I have taken of activities at Special Olympics events worldwide. The Stories thumbnail is from an activity at SPARC, Specially Adapted Resource Clubs in Northern Virginia. The blue static shot (Write Boldly) is stock photography, but I often feel that way when talking about these topics. All the other photos are mine.

About AtomStream

Will Schermerhorn at AtomStream Communications focuses 20+ years of experience in online content and photography on your organization.

  • 8 years as a newspaper reporter.
  • 12 years with Internet pioneer AOL Inc.
  • 10 years at Special Olympics International.
  • Professional photographer for D.C. agencies and nonprofits.
  • Award-winning work as a documentary filmmaker.

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