Telling Your Story Shines Light on What You Do

Story is everything.

When your photos, your videos and your writing tell the story of what you do, your impact is clear. That’s true for nonprofits and businesses.

It’s like night and day.

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What Clients Say about AtomStream Photos and Videos

Will's photos show the spirit and personalities of our friends in SPARC clubs. He's patient and perceptive and that's why his photos tell our story so well.


– Donna Goldbranson, SPARC

I’ve worked with many videographers, but Will has the unique ability to take my ideas and craft them into a video that transforms all who see it.


– Kymberly DeLoatche, The Arc of Northern Virginia

Will Schermerhorn has been my go-to photographer for 10 years. He's the best. He knows what we need, and he gets it.


– Scott Simpson, Resonance Campaigns

Will brought a careful, creative perspective to our video series on the effects of traumatic stress on schoolchildren. He's a true collaborator and a pleasure to work with.


– Kelly Henderson, Formed Families Forward

I've worked with Will on sports-related nonprofits for 10 years. I count on him to get images that align with our mission and the spirit of what we do.


– Mandy Murphy, PeacePlayers International

Will took time to truly understand the messages we were trying to convey. His photos have been key in elevating the quality of our marketing materials and website.


– Susan Brooks, RCM of Washington

Everyone who has seen Will's film about our son with Williams syndrome agrees it's sensitive, compelling and important. Will told this delicate story with impressive skill.


– Tom and Carol Wheeler

Story-focused Films

Telling powerful stories that matter

I have years of experience telling stories in words and film. I am naturally curious and have a knack for interviews. We’ll tell the right story the right way for the audience you care about. See my portfolio of recent videos.

Photos That Tell Stories

Seizing moments that show impact

Angles, lighting and lenses all are important, but getting the RIGHT photo means knowing what story you’re trying to tell. And that calls for patience, knowledge and sensitivity. See my portfolio of photos.

Powerful Web Writing

It starts and ends with empathy for audience

My workshop on web content marketing stresses that knowing how your audience thinks is key to reaching them. It’s a cascade of time, interest and impact that will change the way you write.

Get in touch with Will at (703) 338-1776 or use this form.