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There are 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States.

How will you stand out?

Think about it. Why should a donor give to you? Why should someone volunteer their time to support you? What would make a company stand beside you? What attracts staff that will commit to you?

How do you stand out? By showing your impact. Organizations who clearly, quickly, understandably show how they change the world get the donors, the sponsors, the volunteers and the staff.

Your impact is the power in your brand. The greatest work in the world won't attract people if they don't know about it.

Web and social media visitors give you just seconds to grab their attention. Dull copy, group photos and stock photography simply do not work.

Everything depends on those critical first few seconds. Are you ready?

Will Schermerhorn at AtomStream Communications offers you a comprehensive solution to making the most of fleeting attention spans. Knit together all the elements of a powerful website to draw in your target audience:

  • Writing that's powerful, compelling and easy to understand.
  • Photography that draws people in and shows at a glance what makes you different.
  • Stories that are examples of what you do, why you do it and how that matters.
  • Analytics that pinpoint trouble spots and track progress.
  • Videos that tell the story you want to tell now.

Get the big picture in a two-hour workshop at your office.
You and your staff will learn a framework that will energize your content marketing. Learn to balance the demands of time, interest and impact on every key page of your website.

A woman in a wheelchair uses a spatula to put batter in a baking tin. A woman holds the bowl for her.

Client: SPARC Solutions

My Job: Photo sessions for nonprofit clubs that build confidence and skills of people with developmental disabilities.

A basketball coach talks to a group of players, and all are looking at him with attention.

Client: PeacePlayers International

My Job: Event photography for an international nonprofit using basketball to bring people of opposing views together on the court.

Client: DC Coalition of Disability Service Providers

My Job: Create a video to explain the worrisome Direct Service Professional crisis in Washington, DC.

AtomStream consulting services

Approach your content marketing in an integrated way. Fuse photography, writing and analytics to sharpen your online content.

Two people in a clubhouse show off a poster to others watching intently.

Photography: Moments that show you make a difference

Move past the easy shots and into the thick of the action. Show how you make a difference in the community.

A dark keyboard with glowing letters lights up fingers.

Writing for Online: Powerful, readable, effective

Online writing needs to get to the point. Focused, energetic sentences grab attention. AtomStream coaching gets you there quickly and affordably.

Screenshot of Google Analytics showing mobile tablet and desktop.

Analytics: Make sense of your web and social traffic

Page views, time on site and visitor counts mask deeper valuable information. Learn more about your site, your audience and your potential.

About AtomStream

Will Schermerhorn focuses 20+ years of experience in online content and photography on your organization.

  • 8 years as a newspaper reporter.
  • 12 years with Internet pioneer AOL Inc.
  • 10 years at Special Olympics International.
  • Professional photographer for D.C. agencies and nonprofits.
  • Award-winning work as a documentary filmmaker.

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Will Schermerhorn smiling.

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